Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prescriptive Authority Update

Once again, the State of Florida has ignored the facts and listened to the vested interests of the Florida Medical Society in denying Florida NPs the authorization to write prescriptions for scheduled drugs. In all fairness, I will say that many MDs spoke out on behalf of NPs, and the issue came much closer to reality than it ever has. Several MDs I've spoken with have been honest about the bottom line, that this is a turf issue, and that it's about power and money. I appreciate their honesty, but would like more that they would set aside their hubris and work for the real loser in this fight: the patient. From my viewpoint, this is about access to care, timely access, not just eventual access. They cloak their objections in talk of increased drug dependency rates, but in no state where NPs have this authority does this bear out.

However, Florida NPs are organized now as they have never been before. We have a plan for the summer while the legislature is out of session. We will bring this back next year, and the next, and the next, until the legislature finally does the right thing.


  1. This is getting pretty ridiculous. The NP's I have had the pleasure of working with have been extremely conscientious about controlled substances and titration. They shown me a great deal of knowledge and concern about doing the right thing.

    As a palliative medicine physician we really need to make more waves about this, and I am sorry to say that I probably have not done all that I could.

  2. I have said repeatedly that it's the MDs who are keeping this going, and it's the MDs who will have to end it. When enough physicians understand that NPs are not a threat to either them or the public safety, they will encourage their peers to stop the fight.

  3. Keep posting....we want to hear what you have to say...We need more hospice people in the blogosphere.

  4. Hi all

    This is my first blog, but I am interested in finding out any support networks for NP's in palliative care and thought this may be one. I notice there has not been any activity for sometime however.

    I am currently emplopyed to implement a NP model of care within a regional palliative care consultancy service. We are due to employ our first candidate next year.

    Looking forward to having the opportunity to link with others on this blog.


  5. State Senator Bennett is thinking it migth pass this year, it is looking much better since a major AMA lobbyist will not be in play this time around.

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